• If you hover over a note or link and then press CMD in mac you can preview it. Example 400 misc/note taking in obsidian place your cursor over this link. Don't do CMD + Click, it will open the note.
  • To delete a file you can use the command palette.
  • We can use HTML style toggle blocks using the following syntax
Try to avoid this These are toggle blocks without heading. # We cannot have heading
  • Folding images

    • 400 misc/attachments/Pasted image 20220417195500.jpg
    • 400 misc/attachments/Pasted image 20220417195740.jpg
  • Normal text doesn't get encapsulated whereas in headings they would.

  • The easiest way to use it is by using the source mode instead of preview mode. Just make sure they are indented.
  • There is an annoying dot on the left side of the image but I feel its manageable

Normal text - Use workspaces if you want saved states

How to use the dataview plugin.

Last updated: 2022-06-13