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Links: 400 misc/obsidian tips and tricks

Tips for note taking in obsidian.

  • Try to use text as much as possible. Use images only for diagrams. If there is text in you images then you are not taking notes properly.
  • Use tags like Kanban boards for showing status like #status/doing
  • When you are creating MOCs (Map of Contents) which have links to other MOCs there should be backlinks in the frontmatter. For example if the index MOC A links to index MOC B then index MOC B should have the link to index MOC A in its frontmatter.
  • If a bunch of notes point to a note then that note should be a MOC or is a MOC.
  • No MOC in misc, daily-notes and rough. I have a rough folder instead of a rough page since I want to preserve all the rough information.
  • Meaning of folders
    • misc notes is for anything that comes to mind.
    • general notes can be anything but structured.
    • short notes are short study notes
  • Try to enclose images in heading 6 since when headings fold then don't encapsulate the bigger headings. But for not including text after image that you will need some other heading.
  • Creating a new folder

    • If you want to create a new folder inside another folder then instead of just using the new folder icon right click on the folder to create a folder inside it.
  • Frontmatter

    • Whatever you add information in the frontmatter at the beginning it won't be displayed. It can be for your own reference or it used by the dataview plugin.
    • Create your own frontmatter for every page.
    • Links in frontmatter are something which can be used to jump between the related pages.
  • Always try to avoid headings if you don't have a clear structure in mind and use bold bullets to hide stuff. Only caveat is that they won't appear in outlines.

  • Use headings for subsections

Advantages of using obsidian

  • Obsidian helps you in linking notes rather than organising them.
  • You don't have to use mouse a lot. Everything can be done using the keyboard with the right plugins.
  • I can use vim mode

Obsidian v1.1 release

  • We have the concept on tabs and panes.
  • CMD + Click to open the link in a different tab.
  • CMD + OPT + Click to open the link in a different (side) pane.

Last updated: 2022-11-08