What is WebRTC

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  • WebRTC is an open framework for the web that enables Real Time Communications in the browser.
  • Initially for connecting the clients there is a need of a server (signalling server), once connected there is no need of servers to transfer data, data is transferred using peer to peer connection.
  • Signalling server allows the two parties to safely exchange connection data but never touches the data that is transferred between the peers.
  • It includes the fundamental building blocks for high-quality communications on the web, such as network, audio and video components used in voice and video chat applications.
  • The main difference between Skype and WebRTC is that there is no need to install any software.
  • These components, when implemented in a browser, can be accessed through JavaScript APIs, enabling developers to easily implement their own RTC web app.

  • SDP, ICE, Stun servers, difficult since there our devices our behind NAT firewalls.

  • We have free stun servers from google.

Last updated: 2022-05-13