What is oh my zsh actually

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  • zsh is a shell just like bash.
  • oh-my-zsh makes it easy to setup zsh using the concept of themes and plugins.
  • Themes are nothing but prompts.
    • The theme that I use powerlevel10k is also a prompt and not a theme.
  • Plugins are nothing but shell scripts sourced by oh-my-zsh when the shell is loaded.
  • .zshrc is the file how you configure your zsh shell. If you take a close look at it you will find that it first sets up the plugins and themes in the beginning and then just sources an .sh file from the .oh-my-zsh folder.
  • If you go to ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/ then you will see a 2 folders. One is for themes and other is for plugins. You will only have the plugins and themes that you are using listed here.
  • The main problem is that when we talk about zsh we about how it is unseparable form oh-my-zsh
  • zsh doesn't have a plugin framework so when you search how to install plugins in zsh it will take you to oh-my-zsh
oh-my-zsh is nothing but a glorified config file written in zsh or just aliases.

If you have any doubts then go to ~/oh-my-zsh/plugins and take a look at some of the plugins.

Last updated: 2022-04-26