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What is BaaS

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Features of BaaS

  • Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a cloud service model in which developers outsource all the behind-the-scenes aspects of a web or mobile application so that they only have to write and maintain the frontend.
  • Using a BaaS, you will outsource the responsibilities of running and maintaining servers to a third party and focus on the frontend or client-side development.

  • BaaS vendors provide pre-written software for activities that take place on servers, such as

    • User authentication
    • Database management
    • Push notifications (for mobile apps)
  • Business Advantages:

    • In particular, for small to medium size projects, you will have substantial benefits using a BaaS platform.
    • Reduced time to market
When to use BaaS?
  • Making an MVP – Minimum Viable Product
  • Stand-alone apps or applications that require a small number of integrations
  • Enterprise apps that are not mission-critical
  • IaaS (AWS, Azure etc) vs PaaS (Heroku/ElasticBeanStalk) vs BaaS (Firebase):

    • IAAS = Data Center + Servers + Storage +Networking
    • PAAS = IAAS + Deploy + Manage + Scale
    • BAAS = PAAS + Features to Build Backend
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  • Most BaaS providers use NoSQL databases on their technology stacks due to scaling flexibility, but there is a growing trend to use SQL databases like Postgres.

BaaS vs FaaS (Function as a Service)

  • BaaS are the services that are meant for managing and handling backend functionality.
    • While FaaS is the applications that are being used to manage and implement microservices in a more effective way.
  • FaaS is actually an event-based architecture which is helping to execute events. It comes with a higher simplicity level and is auto-scalable.
    • While on the other hand, BaaS is the services that are running in the background to manage the entire backend services such as push notifications, geolocation, user authentication, email verification, database optimisation, etc.

Some BaaS

  • Appwrite
  • Supabase


Last updated: 2022-05-27