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Terraform Import

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  • import is used to bring the resources created using other methods (like ansible or directly from the console) under the control of Terraform.
  • We can read data from other resources not managed by terraform using data sources.
    • This only helps us to make use of attributes of the datasource.
    • The resource itself is not managed by terraform.
  • terraform import <resource_type>.<resource_name> <attribute>
    • Here attribute is an uniquely identifiable attribute for that resource.
    • The first time we run this command we will get an error because terraform import DOESN'T update the configuration files.
    • It only updates the state file with the details of the infrastructure that is being imported.
    • In order to fix the error we can write an empty resource block.
    • attachments/Pasted image 20230113154727.jpg
    • Now once the import command works, we fill in the details in the configuration file which we left empty.
    • terraform plan will now refresh the state and resource is now under the control of terraform.

Last updated: 2023-01-13