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Terraform Functions and Conditional Expressions

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  • Some of the common functions are
    • file: read data from a file
    • length: determine the number of elements in a list or map
    • toset: convert a list to a set
  • We can test functions using an interactive console.
    • We can use the terraform console using terraform console
    • Terraform console loads the state associated to the configuration directory by default.
    • It also loads variables in the configuration files.
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  • Numeric functions
    • Expansion is needed when using variables.
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  • String functions
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    • split is used to split a string based on the separator. It returns a list.
    • join is used to convert a list to a string.
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  • List functions
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    • contains is case sensitive
  • Map functions
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    • We can provide a default argument to the lookup function
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Conditional Expressions

  • Assigning value to a variable based on condition
    • Generating a random password of atleast 8 characters where length of password comes from the user.
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Last updated: 2023-01-14