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Kubernetes Logging

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Metrics Logging

  • Prometheus is the standard.
    • K8s exposes its metrics in the prometheus format.
  • Prometheus is pull based so it pulls metrics from its targets.
  • Prometheus stores the metrics in its internal time series database.
  • Promql is prometheus's query language.

Logs Logging

  • Logs are distributed by nature. Every application has its own logs.
    • We need to collect them at a central place.
  • It can be done using the ELK stack.
  • Loki is another option.
    • It is a database waiting for resources to push logs into it.
  • We can also use fluentd for log aggregation.
    • For using fluentd in k8s it is run as a daemonset (1 pod per worker node).
    • It is just a database for logs so we need elastic search and kibana to view it hence the EFK stack.
  • Fluentbit is a light weight version of fluentd.


  • Grafana is the de facto standard for displaying logs and metrics.
    • Grafana is used to get metrics from prometheus and logs from Loki.

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Last updated: 2022-11-13