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KodeCloud Kubernetes ReplicaSets

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  • Replication Controller is the older technology that is being replaced by Replica Set.

    • The major difference between Replication Controller and Replica Set is selector
  • The Replica Set has 3 major components under spec

    • selector
    • template: pod template
      • attachments/Pasted image 20220919133521.jpg
    • replicas
  • Sample Replica Set YAML file:

    apiVersion: apps/v1
    kind: ReplicaSet
      name: myapp-replicaset
        app: myapp
          env: production
      replicas: 3
          # This name will not be used for naming the pods. 
          # Name will be <replicaset-name>-<random-hash>
          # In this case it will be myapp-replicaset-<random-hash>
          name: nginx-2 
            env: production
            - name: nginx
              image: nginx

Since Replica Set has its own naming convention for the pods we can omit the name field.
  • The main use cases of Replica Set are:
    • Ensuring the required number of pods are always maintained
    • Scaling the application.
The main use case of selector label is that Replica Set can also manage pods that were not created as a part of the Replica Set creation.

For example some pods were created before the creation of Replica Set but match the labels specified in the Replica Set definition file. Then Replica Set will also take these pods into consideration. Now suppose if you have a Replica Set with no of replicas set to 3 and have 3 pods running. Now if you try to create and a pod then with the same selector Replica Set will try to delete the new pod since the desired number of replicas is 3.

  • We can use k describe replicaset/<replica-set-name> to see the selector of that Replica Set and view the events.
    • You can use rs as a short form for replicaset
How to get the version of a specific resource

k explain <resource-name> | grep VERSION

  • Deleting resources: k delete <resource-type>/<resource-name>
  • Kubernetes supports self-healing applications through ReplicaSets and Replication Controllers.
    • The replication controller helps in ensuring that a POD is re-created automatically when the application within the POD crashes.

Last updated: 2022-10-13