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KodeCloud CKAD Jobs

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  • Short temporary work load in docker:

    • Docker container finishes the job and then exits.
    • When we run the docker ps command we can see the container in an exited state with the status code of the operation.
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  • Short temporary work load in k8s:

    • A pod is created and it does the job.
    • The pod goes into the completed state.
    • But k8s then recreates the container in an attempt to leave it running.
    • This happens a fixed number of times.
  • This happens since k8s wants our applications to live forever. The default behaviour of the pods is to restart the container in an attempt to leave it RUNNING.

  • This behaviour is defined by the restartPolicy set on the pod whose default value is always.

    • This is why the pod always recreates the container when the container exits.
    • We can override this property by setting it to never or on failure.
  • Now suppose you have a batch processing job in which you want a lot of pods.

    • We need a job manager.
    • A ReplicaSet is needed to ensure a specified number of pods is running at each time a Job is used to perform a given task to completion.
  • Working with jobs:

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    • We see that the pod exits after successfully completing the job and is not restarted.
  • Using multiple pods in a job:
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  • Completions here refer to the number of successful completions that is required from the job.
  • By default pods are created one after another. So if one fails a new pod is created and jobs are attempted until we have the desired number of completions
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  • We can do the jobs in parallel using the parallelism field.

Cron Jobs

  • A cron job is job that can be scheduled and run periodically.
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Last updated: 2022-09-26