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KodeCloud CKAD Deployment Strategies

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Deployment Strategies

  • Deployment strategies:
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    • Recreate: Down time. All the older pods are destroyed first then the new ones are brought up.
    • Rolling update: One by one. Default deployment strategy.

Blue/Green deployment

  • We deploy the new version (green) first and then direct the traffic to it.
  • This can be done easily by changing the label on the service to point to the pods of green deployment.
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Canary deployment

  • Only a small amount of traffic is sent to the new deployment.
  • If everything looks good then we replace the older deployment with the new one.
  • To implement in k8s we need to do 2 things:

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    • Route traffic to both the versions: This can be done by using a common label selector for both the deployments.
    • Route only a small amount of traffic to version 2: This can be done by reducing the number of pods in the version 2 deployment.
      • This works since k8s service distributes the traffic equally between all the pods. It works on pods and not on deployments.
  • Code example:

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  • The main issue with doing canary deployment in k8s is that the traffic is governed by the number of pods in each deployment.

    • Service meshes like istio come with better control.
    • With istio we can define the exact % of traffic to be distributed to each deployment.

Last updated: 2022-10-10