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KodeCloud CKAD API Groups

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API Groups

  • When we use either cURL (REST) or kubectl we are interacting with the kubeapi-server.
  • Checking the version of the cluster using API:

    • curl https://kube-master:6443/version
  • Kubernetes API is grouped into multiple groups.

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    • /api & /apis are responsible for the cluster functionality
    • We can list all the api groups using k api-resources
  • /api: core group
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  • /apis: named group
    • These are more organised and going forward all the newer features will be made available through these named groups.
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  • We can list all available api groups by using: curl -k https://master_node:6443

    • Mostly we won't be allowed access to the cluster using curl (except version) since we haven't provided any authentication mechanisms.
    • We can authenticate by passing the certificate files.
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  • An alternate option is to start a kubectl proxy client.

    • kubectl proxy command launches a proxy on localhost:8001 and uses credentials from the kubeconfig file to forward the request to the kubeapi-server.
    • Now we don't have to specify them in the curl command.
    • We can access the kubectl proxy service using curl http://localhost:8001/ -k
    • Remember kube proxy is different from kubectl proxy
All resources in k8s are grouped into different API groups.

Last updated: 2022-10-08