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KodeCloud CKA Security Primitives and Authentication

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Security Primitives

  • In terms of security controlling access to the kube-apiserver is the first line of defence.
  • We need to make 2 kinds of decisions.

    • Who can access the server? -> Defined by authentication mechanisms
      • There are different ways of authenticating to the cluster.
    • What can they do? -> RBAC authorisation
  • All communication between the kube-apiserver and other components of k8s is encrypted using TLS certificates.

    • attachments/Pasted image 20221003155826.jpg
  • By default all pods in the cluster can access each other (using pod IP).


  • We can have different users like admin, developers and machines.
  • k8s does not manage user accounts natively. It relies on an external source.
    • We cannot create users in k8s or view the users in k8s.
    • But we can manage and create service accounts.
All user access is managed by the kuber-apiserver.

Whether we are using kubectl or the API directly. All the requests go through the kubeapi-server. kubeapi-server authenticates the request before processing it. attachments/Pasted image 20221003160444.jpg

  • Different authentication mechanisms:
    • attachments/Pasted image 20221003160524.jpg

Last updated: 2022-10-13