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KodeCloud CKA Kube Controller Manager

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Kube controller manager

  • A controller is a process that continuously monitors the state of various components within the system and works towards bringing the whole system to the desired working state.
  • Node controller is responsible for monitoring the status of the nodes.
    • Node controller checks the status of nodes every 5s.
  • Replication controller is responsible for monitoring the status of replica sets and ensures that the desired number of pods are available at all times.
  • There are many more controllers available in k8s.

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  • All the controllers are packaged into a single process known as the kube-controller-manager.

  • If the cluster has to be setup from scratch then we need to download the binary of kube controller manager and configure it to run as a service.

    • We can view the options at: cat /etc/systemd/system/kube-controller-manager.service
  • In case of kubeadm the kube-controller-manager is deployed as pod in the kube-system namespace.
    • We can see the options using cat /etc/kubernetes/manifests/kube-controller-manager.yaml in the master node.

Last updated: 2022-10-10