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Kubernetes Components of k8s & their function

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  • Architecture diagram for reference
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  1. api-server is responsible for managing everything.

    1. It talks to the UI, API and the CLI.
    2. api-server or kube-apiserver is how we talk and interact with the cluster (entry point to the k8s cluster).
  2. etcd is a highly available key value store.

    1. It is only accessible via the api server for security reasons.
    2. It has all the configuration and status data of kubernetes.
  3. A scheduler identifies the right node to place a pod on based on different requirements and available resources.

    1. It is also known as the control plane.
    2. It ensures pod placement.
  4. A kubelet is an agent that runs on each worker node in a cluster.

    1. It listens for instructions from the kubeapi-server or api-server and deploys and destroys containers on the node as required.
  5. Controllers/controller-manager are the brain behind orchestration they are responsible for noticing and responding when nodes go down.

    1. Controllers makes decisions to bring up new containers in such situations.
    2. Keeps track of what is happening in the cluster.
  6. Container runtime is the underlying software used to run containers.

    1. Some container runtimes are containerd, docker, rocket, etc.
  7. Suppose you have a database server running on a pod on one of the worker nodes and the application server running on a pod in some other worker node.

    1. Communication between worker nodes is facilitated using kube-proxy.
We can have multiple pods on a single worker node.
  • So it is possible to have 3 worker nodes and 20 pods.
  • It is Kubernetes job (scheduler) to take care of resources and decide which pod should go to which worker.
  • Kubernetes can also create a load balancer for the pods.
  • This load balancer will be created in the cloud provider that you are using and you will be charged for that.

Last updated: 2022-08-11