Design Patterns UML Diagrams

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Basic UML diagram

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Class Hierarchy UML diagram

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Assuming that we have a related business requirement, we can go even further and extract a more general class for all living Organisms which will become a superclass for Animals and Plants. Such a pyramid of classes is a hierarchy. In such a hierarchy, the Cat class inherits everything from both the Animal and Organism classes.

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Subclasses can override the behaviour of methods that they inherit from parent classes. A subclass can either completely replace the default behaviour or just enhance it with some extra stuff.

Interfaces in UML Diagram

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You could change the implementation of the fly method in these classes in any way you want. As long as the signature of the method remains the same as declared in the interface, all instances of the Airport class can work with your flying objects just fine.

UML diagram of extending a single class versus implementing multiple interfaces at the same time.

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  • Arrows with empty triangle heads and dashed lines indicate that classes implement an interface.
    • Interfaces in UML look almost like classes, but only have methods.
  • Arrows with empty triangles and solid lines show inheritance pointing from subclass to parent class.
  • Simple arrow means one class depends on another

Last updated: 2022-06-28