Rust Arithmetic & Type Casting

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  • Different datatypes cannot be added together
    let x: i8 = 12;
    let y: u8 = 10;
    let z = x + y; // this will give an error
  • We cannot add same class different precision values for example i32 + i64 would give an error.
  • The result is same type as that of the operands. If the operands are i8 then the result will also be i8 unless explicitly type casted.
  • Multiple ways of defining the type of operand
    let a: i8 = 12;
    let x = 12_i8;
    let y = 12 as i8;
    let z = 12i8;
  • as is how we do explicit type conversion
    let x: i8 = 45;
    let y: i32 = 566;
    let z = (x as i32) + y;
  • In the above example we are going from a smaller to a larger type, if you go to a smaller type from a larger type then an overflow will occur.

Last updated: 2022-05-20