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  • AppSync is a managed service that uses GraphQL
  • GraphQL makes it easy for applications to get exactly the data they need.
  • This includes combining data from one or more sources
    • NoSQL data stores, Relational databases, HTTP APIs, etc
    • Integrates with DynamoDB, Aurora, Elasticsearch & others
    • Custom sources with AWS Lambda
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  • Retrieve data in real-time with WebSocket or MQTT on WebSocket
  • For mobile apps: local data access & data synchronisation.
    • Replacing cognito sync
  • It all starts with uploading one GraphQL schema
Keywords for AppSync data synchronisation, mobile, graphql api, real time updates, WebSocket.


  • There are four ways you can authorise applications to interact with your AWS AppSync GraphQL API:
    • API_KEY: like we have in API Gateway
    • AWS_IAM: IAM users roles / cross-account access
    • OPENID_CONNECT: OpenID Connect provider / JSON Web Token
  • For custom domain & HTTPS, use CloudFront in front of AppSync


  • It is used to create mobile and web applications.
  • It can be thought of as ElasticBeanStalk for mobile and web applications.
  • It includes must-have features such as data storage, authentication, storage, and machine-learning, all powered by AWS services
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    • Front-end libraries with ready-to-use components for React.js, Vue, Javascript, iOS, Android, Flutter, etc
  • Incorporates AWS best practices to for reliability, security, scalability
  • Build and deploy with the Amplify CLI or Amplify Studio
  • Components:
    • Amplify Studio: Visually build a full-stack app, both front-end UI and a backend.
    • Amplify CLI: Configure an Amplify backend with a guided CLI workflow
    • Amplify Libraries: Connect your app to existing AWS Services (Cognito, S3 and more)
    • Amplify Hosting: A Host secure, reliable, fast web apps or websites via the AWS content delivery network.
Amplify deployments are powered by CloudFormation

Important features

  • Authentication: amplify add auth
    • Leverages Amazon Cognito
    • You get all the features provided by cognito
  • Data store: amplify add api
    • Leverages AppSync and DynamoDB
    • Work with local data and have automatic synchronisation to the cloud without complex code
    • Powered by GraphQL
    • Offline and real-time capabilities
    • Visual data modelling with the help of Amplify Studio
  • Hosting: amplify add hosting
    • Competes with services like netlify and vercel.
    • CI/CD
    • Custom domain name
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ACM (AWS Certificate Manager)

  • Let's you easily provision, manage, and deploy SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Used to provide in-flight encryption for websites (HTTPS)
  • Supports both public and private TLS certificates
  • Automatic TLS certificate renewal
  • Integrations with (load TLS certificates on)
    • Elastic Load Balancers
    • CloudFront Distributions
    • APIs on API Gateway


  • A fully managed resource discovery service
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    • Automatically update from v1 to v2 without any manual code change
  • Creates a map of the backend services/resources that your applications depend on
  • You register your application components, their locations, attributes, and health status with AWS Cloud Map
  • Integrated health checking (stop sending traffic to unhealthy endpoints)
  • Your applications can query AWS Cloud Map using AWS SDK, API, or DNS

FIS (Fault Injection Simulator)

  • A fully managed service for running fault injection experiments on AWS workloads
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  • Based on chaos engineering.
  • Helps you uncover hidden bugs and performance bottlenecks
  • Use pre-built templates that generate the desired disruptions

Last updated: 2022-05-30