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Lambda Destinations

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  • In case of asynchronous invocations and event mappers it was very hard for us to see if they had failed or succeeded.
  • The idea is to send the result of an asynchronous invocation or failure of an event mapper somewhere.

Asynchronous Invocations

  • For asynchronous invocations we can define destinations for both successful and failed events.
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  • Destinations for asynchronous invocations are:
    • SQS
    • SNS
    • Lambda
    • EventBridge bus
AWS recommends you use destinations instead of DLQ now (but both can be used at the same time)
  • They are newer
  • DLQs only allows you to only send failures of asynchronous invocations to SQS or SNS

Event Source Mapping

  • For discarded event batches
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  • Destinations:
    • SQS
    • SNS
  • In case of failure instead of blocking the entire batch we send them to destinations
If you have lambda reading from an SQS queue you can either set up a DLQ or setup a destination.

Last updated: 2022-05-24