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ElasticBeanstalk Docker

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Using Docker

Single Container

  • Run your application as a single docker container
  • Either provide:
    • Dockerfile: Elastic Beanstalk will build and run the Docker container
    • (v1): Describe where already built docker image is along with the other essential details like ports, volumes etc and Beanstalk will deploy the container for us on EC2 instances.
Beanstalk in Single Docker Container does not use ECS.

Multi Container

  • Multi Docker helps run multiple containers per EC2 instance in EB
    • attachments/Pasted image 20220516152016.jpg
  • This will create for you:
    • ECS Cluster
    • EC2 instances, configured to use the ECS Cluster
    • Load Balancer (in high availability mode)
    • Task definitions and execution
  • Requires a config (v2) at the root of source code
  • is used to generate the ECS task definition.
  • Your Docker images must be pre-built and stored in ECR for example.

Last updated: 2022-05-16