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  • Version control.

Why AWS CodeCommit?

  • Private Git repositories
  • No size limit on repositories (scale seamlessly)
  • Fully managed, highly available
  • Code only in AWS Cloud account => increased security and compliance
  • Security (encrypted, access control, etc)
  • Integrated with Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, and other CI tools
  • You can setup SNS/Lambda to do a code analysis after each commit.


  • Authentication:
    • SSH Keys: AWS Users can configure SSH keys in their IAM Console
    • HTTPS: with AWS CLI Credential helper or Git Credentials for lAM user
  • Authorization:
    • IAM policies to manage users/roles permissions to repositories
  • Encryption:
    • Repositories are automatically encrypted at rest using AWS KMS
    • Encrypted in transit (can only use HTTPS or SSH both secure)
  • Cross-account Access:
    • Do NOT share your SSH keys or your AWS credentials
    • Use an lAM Role in your AWS account and use AWS STS (AssumeRole API)

Last updated: 2022-05-17