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  • Alternative to Jenkins.
  • Source:
    • CodeCommit
    • S3
    • Bitbucket
    • GitHub
  • Build instructions: Code file buildspec.yml (at the root of the source code) or insert manually in CodeBuild console.
  • Output logs can be stored in Amazon S3 & CloudWatch Logs
  • Use CloudWatch Metrics to monitor build statistics
  • Use CloudWatch Events to detect failed builds and trigger notifications
  • Use CloudWatch Alarms to notify if you need thresholds for failures
  • Build Projects can be defined within CodePipeline or CodeBuild
  • CodeBuild uses containers to run the environments.
  • You can use a list of supported environments for building your code and if your environment is not there then you can use docker.
  • CodeBuild can be run locally by using docker and CodeBuild Agent. This is good for troubleshooting beyond logs.
  • Uses:
    • Build Code
    • Run some automated tests before deployment.
By default CodeBuild containers are launched outside VPC.
  • We can specify a VPC configuration: VPC ID, Subnet IDs, Security Group IDs
  • Then your build can access resources in your VPC (e.g., RDS, ElastiCache, EC2, ALB, etc)
  • Use cases: integration tests, data query, internal load balancers, etc.
You CodeBuild project fails what can you do to debug?
  • Review the logs in S3 or CloudWatch.
  • Run CodeBuild locally to reproduce the build

You cannot SSH into the CodeBuild containers. CodeBuild containers are deleted at the end of their execution (success or failure). You can't SSH into them, even while they're running.

How it works

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  • Must be at the root of the source code.
  • We can define env variables either in plain text or we can use either SSM Parameter Store or Secrets Manager.
  • phases: specify commands to run. install, pre_build, Build, post_build.
  • artifacts: what to upload to S3
  • Encryption of artifacts with KMS:
    • For AWS CodeBuild to encrypt its build output artifacts, it needs access to an AWS KMS customer master key (CMK).
    • By default, AWS CodeBuild uses the AWS-managed CMK for Amazon S3 in your AWS account.
    • To use encryption the following environment variable should be used: CODEBUILD_KMS_KEY_ID.
  • cache: files to cache (usually dependencies) to S3 for future build speedup
Enabling dependency caching using S3 can drastically speed up your build.
CodeBuild can run any commands specified in buildspec.yml, so you can use it to run commands including build a static website and copy your static web files to an S3 bucket.

Last updated: 2022-06-09