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  • Software packages depend on each other to be built (also called code dependencies), and new ones are created.
  • Storing and retrieving these dependencies is called artifact management
  • Traditionally you need to setup your own artifact management system
  • CodeArtifact is a secure, scalable, and cost-effective artifact management for software development
  • Works with common dependency management tools such as Maven, Gradle, npm, yarn, twine, pip, and NuGet
  • Developers and CodeBuild can then retrieve dependencies straight from CodeArtifact
  • It can be used to proxy requests to other 3rd party artifact repositories. Advantages:
    • This provides security
    • Caching
    • Even if the repository disappears from the public artifact repository you will have a copy of it.
  • CodeBuild can directly fetch from the CodeArtifact.
  • You can publish your own artifacts to the CodeArtifact.
  • Everything is inside your VPC.

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Last updated: 2022-05-17