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API Gateway Security

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IAM Permissions


Resource Policies

  • Resource policies (similar to Lambda Resource Policy)
  • Allow for Cross Account Access (combined with IAM Security)
  • Allow for a specific source IP address
  • Allow for a VPC Endpoint

Cognito User Pools


Lambda/Custom Authoriser



  • IAM:
    • Great for users roles already within your AWS account, + resource policy for cross account
    • Handle authentication + authorisation
    • Leverages Signature v4
  • Custom Authoriser:
    • Great for 3rd party tokens
    • Very flexible in terms of what IAM policy is returned
    • Handle Authentication verification + Authorisation in the Lambda function
    • Pay per Lambda invocation, results are cached
  • Cognito User Pool:
    • You manage your own user pool (can be backed by Facebook, Google login etc...)
    • No need to write any custom code
    • Must implement authorisation in the backend

Last updated: 2022-05-27