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API Gateway Caching

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  • Caching reduces the number of calls made to the backend
  • Default TTL is 300s (min: 0s, max: 3600s)
  • Caches are defined per stage
  • Possible to override cache settings per method
  • Cache encryption option
  • Cache capacity between 0.5GB to 237GB
  • Cache is expensive, makes sense in production, may not make sense in dev / test

Cache Invalidation

  • Able to flush the entire cache (invalidate it) immediately using the console.
  • Clients can invalidate the cache with header: Cache Control: max-age=0 (with proper lAM authorisation)
    • attachments/Pasted image 20220526162214.jpg
  • If you don't impose an InvalidateCache policy (or choose the Require authorisation check box in the console), any client can invalidate the API cache.
    • This can be a big problem

Last updated: 2022-05-26