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WAF & Firewall

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  • Protects our web applications from common web exploits (layer 7 - HTTP)
  • It can be deployed on 3 things:

    • ALB
    • API Gateway
    • CloudFront
  • To use WAF we must define WACL (web access control lists).

  • In WACL there can be rules on different things. There can be rules on IP addresses, HTTP Headers, HTTP body or URI strings

    • We can block countries using the geo-match feature or allow/block only certain IPs. Allowing certain IPs is done using WAF IP set statement.
    • We can also apply some Rate Based Rules for DDoS protection. For example an IP should not do more than 5 requests per second.
  • It can protect from basic attacks such as SQL injection and XSS

??? caution] For DDoS you can either go for [Shield "For DDoS you can either go for Shield or Rate Based Rules of WAF."

Blocking an IP address

  • We cannot block IP addresses using SGs since there is no deny rule.
  • The simplest way of blocking IP address at the subnet level would be using NACLs deny rules.
  • We can use WAF with ALB that gives us dual protection along with NACLs. But it is more expensive as compared to only NACLs approach.
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  • If we want to block IP addresses at the CloudFront level we have 2 options:
    • CloudFront geo restriction to block IP addresses.
    • WAF with CloudFront.
      • The SG of ALB must allow all the public CloudFront IPs.
      • ALB only sees the CloudFront IP and not the client IP.
      • NACL is not helpful at all since all the requests are coming from CloudFront’s IP. CloudFront sits outside our VPC so we cannot use NACL.
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  • Manage rules of all accounts of an AWS organisation.

    • Like centrally manage EC2 Security Groups and AWS Shield Advanced across all AWS accounts in your AWS Organisation.
  • What can we manage using firewall:

    • Common set of security rules
    • WAF rules (Application Load Balancer, API Gateways, CloudFront)
    • AWS Shield Advanced (ALB, CLB, Elastic IP, CloudFront)
    • Security Groups for EC2 and ENI resources in VPC
No NACLs configuration.

Last updated: 2022-05-02