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Transit Gateway

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Transit Gateway

  • For having transitive peering between thousands of VPCs and on-premises, hub-and-spoke (star) connection

    • For context in VPN CloudHub one AWS VPC multiple sites. All the sites can talk to each other.
    • For context in Direct Connect Gateway we have multiple VPCs but one site. Depending upon its connection to either VPG (Virtual Private Gateway) or Transit Gateway VPCs can't and can talk to each other respectively.
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  • All the VPCs and on premise sites can talk to each other.

  • Regional resource, can work cross-region by peering Transit Gateway across regions.

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  • Route Tables are used to limit which VPC can talk with other VPC

  • Works with Direct Connect Gateway and Site to Site VPN connections
  • Only AWS service which supports IP Multicast (not supported by any other AWS service)
  • You can use AWS Resource Access Manager to share Transit Gateway with other accounts.
You can attach the following resources to your transit gateway:
  • One or more VPCs
  • One or more Site to Site VPN connections
  • One or more AWS Direct Connect gateways. DX connections can only be attached to transit gateway using the direct connect gateway.
  • One or more transit gateway peering connections
A company has established a dedicated network connection from its on-premises data centre to AWS Cloud using AWS Direct Connect (DX). The core network services, such as the Domain Name System (DNS) service and Active Directory services, are all hosted on-premises. The company has new AWS accounts that will also require consistent and dedicated access to these network services.

Create a new Direct Connect gateway and integrate it with the existing Direct Connect connection. Set up a Transit Gateway between AWS accounts and associate it with the Direct Connect gateway.

Go for transit gateway if the question mentions multiple VPCs or multiple VPCs talking to each other.
Transit Gateway is never the cheapest option. So if the question mentions the word cost effective or cheapest then don't go for transit gateway.

But it is always the most scalable and resource efficient option.

Transit Gateway: ECMP/ECMR Site to Site VPN

  • ECMP = Equal-cost multi-path routing
  • Routing strategy to allow to forward a packet over multiple best path
  • Use case: create multiple Site to-Site VPN connections to increase the bandwidth of your connection to AWS.
Keywords: scale the throughput of VPN connections, best path, additional VPN tunnels.

Last updated: 2022-05-01