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Termination Policy & Life Cycle Hooks

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Termination Policy

  • Termination policy decides which instance will be deleted in case of a scale in.

  • Default termination policy steps:

    • Find the AZ with the most number of instances.
    • Find instances that are not protected from scale in.
    • If there are multiple instances delete the one with the oldest launch template or configuration.
    • If still there are multiple instances delete the one closest to the next billing hour.
    • If still there are multiple instances then delete one at random.

Life cycle hooks

  • We have one hook at the time of launching and other at the time of termination.

    • attachments/Pasted image 20220420204629.jpg
  • One use case of launch hook would be to do some installations and checks before the machine is provisioned. Here installations and checks are the important terms.

  • One use case of termination hook would be storing the logs or uploading it somewhere.
  • By default as soon as an instance is launched in ASG it is InService.
The lifecycle hook puts the instance into a wait state (Pending: Wait or Terminating: Wait). The instance is paused until you continue or the timeout period ends.

Example use case: Use the Auto Scaling group lifecycle hook to put the instance in a wait state and launch a custom script that installs the proprietary forensic tools and performs a pre-activation status check

Last updated: 2022-05-05