SSM Parameter Store

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  • SSM stands for Systems Manager
  • Secure storage for configuration and secrets.
  • Optional encryption using KMS
  • Serverless, scalable, durable with easy to use SDK.
  • Version tracking for configuration and secrets.
  • Integration with CloudFormation
  • Configuration management path & IAM

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  • Notifications using CloudWatch events. In Config we had notifications using either CloudWatch events or SNS.

  • We can inject sensitive data into ECS using SSM parameter store and secrets manager.
  • Standard parameters tier is free whereas advanced parameter tier is not.
  • Parameter policies (only for advanced parameters)

    • Allow to assign a TTL to a parameter (expiration date) to force updating or deleting sensitive data such as passwords
    • Can assign multiple policies at a time
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  • If preparing for any interviews or want some hands on, watch this


Last updated: 2022-06-01