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  • Most AWS services are region scoped
  • Global Services: Route53, IAM, CloudFront
  • All services may not be present in one region so switch to another region if you want to use that service.
  • Key factors which determine which region to choose: GDPR (compliance), latency, services, pricing.
  • Regions have a codes like us-east-1, eu-west-3. Each region has a code mapped to a name. Like ap-south-1 is Mumbai.
  • No of AZs in a region: 2 (min), 3 (common) or 6 (max).
  • Each (AZ) has one or more discrete data centres.
  • The AZs are separated from each other so that they are isolated from disasters. No cascading effect.
  • Edge locations are also known as PoP (Points of presence)
  • Notice that the region code is ap-southeast-2 and the codes for AZs are ap-southeast-2a,2b and 2c.

Last updated: 2022-04-18