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Inspector & Macie

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  • Automated Security Assessments for EC2 instances.
  • Analyse the running OS and check it against known vulnerabilities.
  • Analyse against unintended network activity.
  • For all these AWS inspector must be installed on the OS of EC2 instances.
  • After the assessment the inspector generates a report and notifications can be sent via SNS.
It is only for EC2 instances. It does network (agentless) and host assessments (agent)

If you see keywords like EC2, OS with security then go for inspector.


  • Amazon Macie is a fully managed data security and data privacy service that uses machine learning and pattern matching to discover and protect your sensitive data in AWS.
  • Discover sensitive data in S3 bucket.
  • PII (Personally identifiable information) is an important term to remember.

Last updated: 2022-04-29