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  • Amazon GuardDuty offers threat detection that enables you to continuously monitor and protect your AWS accounts, workloads, and data stored in Amazon S3 or EC2 machines.
  • Intelligent threat discovery to protect AWS account.
  • Uses ML algorithms, anomaly detection
  • Input data includes:

    • VPC flow logs
    • DNS logs
    • CloudTrail data and management events. Since S3 can be categorised under cloud trail data events it can also monitor data stored in S3.
  • Disabling the service will delete all remaining data, including your findings and configurations before relinquishing the service permissions and resetting the service.

  • Can protect against crypto currency attacks. It has a dedicated finding for it.
A systems administrator of a company wants to detect and remediate the compromise of services such as Amazon EC2 instances and Amazon S3 buckets.


Last updated: 2022-04-30