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  • It stands for Elastic Container Registry.
  • It is used to store and manage docker images on AWS.
  • We can store images privately or publicly on ECR.
  • You pay for what you use.
  • ECR is fully integrated with ECS and the images are stored in S3.
  • EC2 instances will pull the images from ECR to create containers. It can do so because of instance role (EC2 instance profile) permissions.
  • We use AWS CLI to push images to ECR.
Any permissions issues against ECR are most likely due to IAM permissions. For example CodeBuild service must have the required permissions to push Docker images to ECR repositories.


  • Stands for Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Launch managed Kubernetes cluster on AWS
  • It has a similar goal as ECS but is open source. Kubernetes is cloud agnostic.
  • It supports 2 launch modes: EC2 and Fargate
  • It provides a fully-managed control plane so you would not have access to the EC2 instances that the platform runs on.
  • EKS pods run on EKS nodes (EC2 instances or Fargate). Here EKS pods are similar to ECS tasks.
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Last updated: 2022-05-15