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  • It stands for Database Migration Service.
  • Quickly and securely migrate on-premise databases to AWS, resilient, self healing
  • The source database remains available during the migration. No downtime.
  • Supports:
    • Homogeneous migrations: ex Oracle to Oracle
    • Heterogeneous migrations: ex Microsoft SQL Server to Aurora
  • Continuous Data Replication using CDC (Change Data Capture)
  • You must create an EC2 instance to perform the migration tasks.
  • DMS can be used to replicate the data from the databases into Amazon Redshift.
It can act as a bridge from S3 to KDS.
  • Not only for migrating databases but also for migrating data between different sources.
  • It can also be used for data replication related to databases.
Keywords: replication, database migration


  • It stands Schema Conversion Tool.
  • If the source and target database don’t have the same engine then we have to use SCT for conversion before DMS.
  • RDS is just the platform and not the engine. So for migrating from on premise MySQL server to RDS you don't need SCT.
  • We can use Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to extract and load the data to an AWS Snowball Edge device and then use the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate the data to Amazon DynamoDB.

AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)

  • Incremental replication of on-premise live servers to AWS.
  • On premise to AWS.

Last updated: 2022-05-01