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Directory Services

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What is Microsoft AD

  • Found on any Windows Server with AD Domain Services
  • It is a database of objects: User Accounts, Computers, Printers, File Shares, Security Groups
  • It offers centralised security management, create account, assign permissions. The idea is that if I create a user named John then it should be accessible in all the machines. All the machines check with the domain controller for any login

AWS AD Services

AWS Managed Microsoft AD

  • We can create our own AD in AWS, manage users locally and supports MFA
  • We can establish a trust connection/relationship with on premise AD.
  • The users are shared between on premise AD and AWS AD.

AWS AD Connector

  • Users are managed only on the on-premise AD.
  • It is a directory Gateway (proxy) to redirect to on-premise AD.
  • The only place we can manage users is the on-premise AD.

AWS Simple AD

  • AD-compatible managed directory on AWS
  • Cannot be joined with on-premise AD
  • The idea is that if we don’t have an on-premise AD and need an AD for AWS cloud then this is the best solution.
Why use an AD in AWS

The idea is that using AD we can create EC2 instances that are going to be running windows. These windows instances can join the domain controller for all the logins and credentials. This is why we would want to have an AD in AWS.

Last updated: 2022-05-02