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Direct Connect

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Direct Connect

  • Also known as DX.
  • It provides a dedicated private connection from a remote network to your VPC.
  • Dedicated connection must be setup between your Data Centre and AWS Direct Connect locations.
  • You need to setup a Virtual Private Gateway on your VPC. We also needed a VPG in Site to Site VPN.
  • We can access public and private resources on the same network. Like we can access public resources (S3) and private (EC2) on same connection.

  • Use Cases:

    • Increase bandwidth throughput working with large data sets lower cost
    • More consistent network experience applications using real-time data feeds
    • Hybrid Environments (on premise + cloud)
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Everything is private and nothing goes over the public internet. There by we can say we are bypassing the ISPs.

  • There are 2 connection types:

    • Dedicated: better speed with a physical ethernet port dedicated to the customer.
    • Hosted:
  • We have private virtual interfaces in DX.

Specific location DX locations also known as Direct Connect Partners, Both public and private resources, VPG

attachments/Pasted image 20220430194657.jpg

It can take more than 1 month to establish a DX connection. So if you want something quick go for Site to Site VPN.

Direct Connect Gateway

  • You integrate Direct Connect Gateway with an existing Direct Connection first.
  • If you want to setup a Direct Connect to one or more VPC in many different regions (same account), you must use a Direct Connect Gateway.
  • For comparison in VPN CloudHub we had one VPCs and multiple sites. In Direct connect gateway we have multiple VPCs and one site.

    • attachments/Pasted image 20220430195200.jpg
  • A direct connect gateway can be associated to:

    • VPG: In the above example picture it is associated with VPG shown by the lock symbol. The VPCs can't communicate with each other they can only communicate to the site.
    • Transit Gateway: The VPCs can communicate to each other. A transit gateway is attached to a Direct Connect gateway using a transit virtual interface.
Keywords for Direct connect gateway: multiple VPCs, many different regions, same account, one on premise region.


  • Data in transit is not encrypted but is private
  • AWS Direct Connect + VPN provides an IPsec-encrypted private connection


  • High Resiliency: One connection at multiple locations.
    • Wording: Opt for one Direct Connect connection at each of the multiple Direct Connect locations
    • attachments/Pasted image 20220430200332.jpg
  • Maximum resiliency: Separate connections terminating on separate devices in more than one location.
    • Wording: Opt for two separate Direct Connect connections terminating on separate devices in more than one Direct Connect location.
    • attachments/Pasted image 20220430200345.jpg
  • Non critical production or development workload:
    • Wording: Opt for at least two Direct Connect connections terminating on different devices at a single Direct Connect location
    • attachments/Pasted image 20220502161454.jpg
The inner lines are the connections. What they are passing through are the locations.
For resiliency in DX, DX location has a higher preference than the number of connections.

Last updated: 2022-05-02