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  • Helps with auditing and recording strict compliance of your AWS resources based on the rules that we set.
  • Using AWS Config we setup rules to adhere to the compliance.
  • Helps us record configuration and changes over time so that we can roll back.
  • AWS config is a per region service which can be aggregated across regions and accounts.
  • There is a possibility of storing the configuration data into S3 (analysed by Athena)
Questions solved by AWS config
  • Is there unrestricted SSH access to my security groups?
  • Do my buckets have any public access?
  • How has my ALB configuration changed over time?
  • Password policy
Keywords: compliance, history, configuration changes.

Config Rules

  • We can use AWS managed config rules (over 75)
  • We can make our own custom config rules. It must be defined in AWS Lambda.
  • Rules can be evaluated/triggered for:
    • Each config change
    • At regular time intervals.
  • AWS config rules are just for compliance and they don’t prevent actions from happening.
  • We can view the compliance & configuration of a resource over time.


  • Automate remediation of non-compliant resources using SSM Automation Documents
  • Use AWS-Managed Automation Documents or create custom Automation Documents
    • You can create custom Automation Documents that invokes Lambda function


  • We can use EventBridge to trigger notifications whenever our resources are not compliant.

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  • We can also send all the configuration changes to SNS and then use SNS filtering or filtering at client side.

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How can we can use EventBridge to detect and react to changes in the status of AWS Config events?

For example: A company requires that IAM users must rotate their access keys every 60 days. If an access key is found to older it must be removed. - The AWS Config rule can be configured using the "access-keys-rotated" managed rule which checks if the active access keys are rotated within the number of days specified in maxAccessKeyAge. - The rule is NON_COMPLIANT if the access keys have not been rotated for more than maxAccessKeyAge number of days. - Amazon EventBridge can react to the change of state to NON_COMPLIANT and trigger an AWS Lambda function that invalidates and removes the access key.

Last updated: 2022-05-01