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  • It stands for Hardware Security Module.
  • In cloud HSM AWS provides us with dedicated encryption hardware and we are responsible for managing our keys.
  • Cloud HSM supports both symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys.
  • Good option to use SSE-C type of encryption since we get the hardware.
  • CloudHSM is used for key management and storage but not distribution.
  • CloudHSM clusters are spread across Multi AZ (HA) which is great for high availability and durability.
  • We have auditing which is independent of cloud trail.
  • Attempting to log in as the administrator more than twice with the wrong password zeroizes your HSM appliance. When an HSM is zeroized, all keys, certificates, and other data on the HSM is destroyed.
If you want a managed service for creating and controlling your encryption keys, but you don't want or need to operate your own HSM, consider using AWS Key Management Service over CloudHSM.

Last updated: 2022-05-04