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  • Launch 3rd party high performance file systems on AWS
  • Fully managed service
  • All FSx and EFS are file storage solutions. For example EBS and instance are block storage solutions.

FSx for windows file server

  • EFS is only available for linux systems. So if you want to share data between windows systems you have to use FSx for windows
  • It is a fully managed windows file share.
  • Supports SMB and Windows NTFS sharing formats
  • Shared storage for windows EC2 instances.
  • Supports Microsoft Active Directory integration, ACLs, user quotas
  • Built on SSD, scale up to 10s of GB/s, millions of IOPS, 100s PB of data
  • Can be accessed from your on-premise infrastructure
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  • Can be configured to be Multi-AZ (high availability)
  • Data is backed-up daily to S3
  • Windows instances cannot be connected to EFS but Linux instances can be connected to windows file share.

FSx for Lustre

  • It is a type of parallel distributed file system for large scale computing.
  • Lustre is derived from Linux and Cluster.
  • It is used for ML and HPC (high performance computing)
  • It has seamless integration with S3 for Cold data. Hot data is stored in lustre.
  • It is POSIX compliant.
  • Scales up to 100s GB/s, millions of IOPS, sub-ms latencies
  • There are 2 types of file systems in lustre

Scratch File System

  • Temporary storage
  • Data is not replicated (doesn't persist if file server fails)
  • High burst (6x faster, 200MBps per TiB)
  • Usage: short-term processing, optimise costs

Persistent File System

  • Long-term storage
  • Data is replicated within same AZ
  • Usage: long-term processing, sensitive data

Last updated: 2022-04-24